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Migration from v5 to v6

What's new?

With next-safe-action version 6, you can now use a wide range of validation libraries, even multiple and custom ones at the same time, thanks to the great TypeSchema library. You can find supported libraries here.

Existing code will not be affected, since Zod is supported by TypeSchema. However, now you can for example define a new safe action using Yup or Valibot, while still keeping existing actions with Zod validation, and everything will be handled internally by next-safe-action, thanks to the TypeSchema abstractions.


Action result object

  • Property validationError is now called validationErrors.

Safe action client

  • handleReturnedServerError() function now directly returns the server error message as a string, instead of a { serverError: string } object.


Hooks are now exported from next-safe-action/hooks instead of next-safe-action/hook.


  • ServerCode is now called ServerCodeFn.

Misc changes


  • Exported new SafeClientOpts type, which represents the options for the safe action client, used internally by createSafeActionClient() function.